Pacific Northwest Quests

Hanging around Tahoma. Photo by Joseph Gonzalez.

I’ve lived most of my entire life on the left coast. Anyone who has met me in person can attest that I am clearly a Californian (Northern, obviously). However, with every year that passes, Washington and the Pacific Northwest become bigger parts of my identity.

What’s not to love about the PNW? Sure, the drivers are clueless, and most Washington born and bred residents struggle with social awareness. However, natural resources are ample, stunning volcanos dot the horizon, and mushrooms fruit abundantly. Outside of its lack of sunshine and omnipresent elements of racism in the outdoors, it’s everything I could ever want. Between kayaking, foraging, and exploring a (relatively, but less and less every year) new place, my days are full of excitement and learning.

This page is dedicated to PNW-specific content. Keep an eye out for original content and pieces I’ve written for other publications alike.