Outer Rims

Your future is bright – wear a visor

Outer Rims Amanita Visor at Mount Hood

By now you might’ve noticed that I’m wearing fun headwear in most of my photos. Good news- now you can wear it too!

It all started in 2017 when I began to grow my hair out. One day I mentioned to my mother, Doris, that hats just didn’t fit my big head anymore. Jokes about my inflated ego aside, the sheer volume of my hair meant even voluminous snapback and trucker style hats couldn’t accommodate my noggin. Luckily for me, my mother is a talented seamstress, and thus Outer Rims was born!

Gen 1 Flamingo

They started as lightweight, foldable options to accommodate hikers with textured and voluptuous hairstyles. Today they’re a bit more rigid, have longer bills for added sun protection, and velcro fittings to ensure longevity in your wear.

Gen 2 Sonoran Desert and Hummingbird Garden

Over the years I’ve worn an Outer Rims Visor on every thru hike or long trail I’ve done post 2016 – that’s thousands of miles on some of America’s most scenic lands.

How Can I visit the Outer Rim?

These are handmade, locally crafted visors for recreational use. To purchase a visor or explore inventory, please reach out to Doris Gonzalez directly on the following:

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